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2020 photo Judy Lee.jpg

JUDY LEE   -  Teacher of Home Economics


As a young student Judy’s goal was to become a Home Economics Teacher.  Following education at Stanthorpe State High and completion of Senior studies at Warwick High School, she was awarded a Government Scholarship to attend the then Home Economics Teachers’ College, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane.  Over 2 years, training was intense and very diverse  -  from pattern making, dressmaking, fashion design, millinery, laundry of white linen tablecloths, cookery and the fine skills of cake decorating.  Judy’s teaching career began at Stanthorpe State High School, her first appointment on graduation.  On marriage, teaching with the State Education Department ceased.  She was subsequently approached by the Sisters of Mercy to establish Home Economics at St. Joseph’s High School.


Over a period of 50 years she has enjoyed imparting knowledge, sharing and teaching practical skills in all areas of the Home Economics curriculum to Secondary students. Her great love is working with students and sharing their achievements. Past students have become life-long friends and present students make every day a great day for her in her present role as a Relief Teacher.  Judy’s motto has always been “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well” and she has always encouraged students to take pride in their work.

2020 photo Mary McLucas.jpg

MARY MCLUCAS   -  Judge - Children’s Handicrafts

As a long-time teacher on the Granite Belt, Mary has always been encouraged and delighted by the level of creativity displayed by school students at the Stanthorpe Show across the various and numerous Sections. 
She feels honoured to be asked to judge the Children’s Handicraft Sections in 2020. 

Mary knows one thing for certain - her task will be a very difficult one! 

She looks forward to viewing the attractive pieces of work and taking delight in what the students have produced, whilst doing their bit to contribute to a successful and enjoyable Show. 

Joyce Pozzebon.jpg

Joyce Pozzebon - Judge - Handcrafts


Since picking up a set of knitting needles as a young girl Joyce Pozzebon has enjoyed various forms of handicrafts. During her childhood she watched and learnt form her aunts and grandmother and in her youth learnt dressmaking so she could make her own clothes and stay abreast with current fashion. In 1991 she purchased Pozzy’s Patchwork (formerly G.M. Fabrics) and together with her daughters ran the store for 22 years. It was during her time at Pozzy’s Patchwork that she extended her handicraft and dressmaking skills adding patchwork, quilting and embroidery to her list of skills.


Her passion for the handicrafts drove her involvement with the Quart Pot Quilters which crated an avenue for people to come together and share their knowledge, skills and passions with one another. The Quart Pot Quilters together with Joyce brought numerous leading Australian patchwork and quilters, such as Ruth Stoneley, Brigitte Giblin, Judy Hooworth and Judy Turner to Stanthorpe to help develop the groups skills. Joyce’s skills and talents lead her to be selected as handicraft show judge for the Tenterfield and Toowoomba shows. This year she accepts the opportunity to act as show judge for the 2020 Stanthorpe Show handcraft section.

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