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(For the conduct of competitions at QCAS affiliated Queensland Agricultural Shows)

Subject to the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Society’s Inc. (QCAS) and the Society relevant to this schedule, the following General Regulations shall apply. Entering an affiliated Agricultural Society's show infers acceptance of these General Regulations. 


Where there is a conflict between these regulations and the regulations and rules of the local Agricultural Society, the rules of the Affiliated Agricultural Society prevail.


  1. All affiliated Queensland agricultural shows are conducted subject to the rules of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc (QCAS), the constitution and rules of this Society, and any other special regulations which appear within the schedule. 

  2. Affiliated agricultural societies may, as required, supplement these regulations with their own special regulations ensuring they are consistent with QCAS regulations.

  3. The attention of Exhibitors is drawn to the fact that entries are accepted subject to the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of QCAS and the society relevant to this schedule, in addition to any special regulations which appear in this schedule. Copies of the Rules and By-Laws may be obtained upon application to QCAS or the society relevant to this schedule.

  4. No refunds will be made after close of entry.

  5. In the case of insufficient numbers being nominated or shown in any class, the society retains the right to suspend classes at any time. 

  6. The section Chief Steward retains the right to reduce prize money where classes are not sufficiently patronized.

  7. Any competitor, who receives any physical or electronic communication aid during the judging of an event on an affiliated Society’s Showground, will have all nominations cancelled.  The persons concerned may be asked to leave the Showground.


  1. Judging will be performed by a Judge or panel of Judges appointed by the Society.

  2. In the event of the Judge deciding that the exhibits in any Class are not worthy of a prize, no prize will be awarded.

  3. It is considered good ethics that if a Junior Judge or Associate Judge has been judging in his/her own right at any affiliated Agricultural Show, they are not eligible to enter the Young Judges competition at that Show, BUT they can still enter at another Show where they are not acting in a judging roll.

  4. A Judge shall not adjudicate at more than one show within 30 days within a Sub-Chamber unless judging different sections.  This rule applies to all affiliated agricultural show sections.

  5. In all affiliated Agricultural Show sections, Judges should not judge the same section within a two (2) year period at the same show.

  6. Judging cards and performance records shall be completed by the committee person in charge, Chief Steward and/or the Judge of a section (if required) during or immediately after the judging of the section or at the Judge’s convenience.

  7. If a Judge is unable to fulfil a judging commitment, the Judge shall notify the Society as soon as possible so a replacement can be arranged.

  8. A Judge shall not send a substitute Judge but may nominate a replacement judge to the society.  All invitations to judge shall be sent by the affiliated Society.

  9. A Society shall report to QCAS any Judge who fails to attend a Show to which he or she has accepted an invitation to judge or, who has failed to judge at the time advertised for the commencement of the class provided that the failure to attend or appear is without reasonable cause.

  10. A Judge may not officiate, and compete or exhibit in the same section at the same show unless exceptional circumstances exist such as sickness or unavailability of the appointed Judge.

  11. A Steward assisting the Judge in a particular section shall remove him/herself from the section if within a period of six (6) months prior to or during the show he/she or any member of their immediate family, business partners, or employee has owned, leased, bred, trained or schooled an animal or competitor exhibiting in any class in that section.

  12. An Exhibitor shall not compete in a section if the Exhibitor is a member of the Judge’s immediate family.

  13. No Exhibitors shall deface or alter registration papers or performance cards for any exhibit.

  14. A Judge or Steward must not knowingly permit an ineligible Exhibit or Exhibitor to compete.

  15. No Exhibitor or members of the Exhibitor’s immediate family or employed by the Exhibitor shall approach a Judge with regard to a decision made by the Judge unless they first obtain permission from the Committee person in charge or Steward of the Section. 



  1. No person under disqualification recognised by the Society may exhibit or compete.

  2. Entries for the upcoming Agricultural Show relevant to this schedule can be made as described for each section in the schedule. Entries submitted other than on the correct form or online will be returned to the Exhibitor and, unless all requirements are complied with, and the forms returned to the Agricultural Society office by completion of business on the  closing date, as shown in this Schedule, they will not be considered.

  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of General Regulation 3.2 above, late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Section Chief Steward.

  4. Entries are accepted subject to the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Society, in addition to any Special Regulations, which appear in the Schedule.

  5. Exhibitors whose entries have not been accepted shall be advised accordingly and entry fees refunded.

  6. The exhibitor irrevocably consents to the Society publishing or reproducing in any manner whatsoever any particulars or information in relation to their exhibits; the publication or reproduction may be in a printed form or visual image through electronic means and/or on the internet.

  7. Whilst all reasonable care is taken, the affiliated Agricultural Society cannot accept any responsibility for any losses and/or damage or injury to or by any livestock exhibits, equipment, vehicles or any other property or person whilst on the Showground’s.

  8. Any persons causing a nuisance by loud comments, or the decision of the Judges or of otherwise unseemly behaviour will after being cautioned, be expelled from the showgrounds, and in the case of exhibitors, be liable for disqualification.

  9. Dogs, other than those owned by members of the Canine Control Council, must be kept in a closed float, a vehicle, or on a short leash and must be suitably muzzled as to prevent it from being able to injure or bite any person or other animal, whilst on the Affiliated Society’s Showground.  The Society reserves the right to impound or have impounded any stray or nuisance animal whilst on the Showgrounds.

  10. The use of straw, sawdust and/or shavings for bedding of livestock is at the discretion of the Agricultural Society Management Committee.



  1. Energised electric fences are prohibited on the showground at any time, without the express permission of the society or unless specified in the societies schedule.  Any fences are to be suitable signed.



  1. All QCAS affiliated agricultural societies have developed a comprehensive Agricultural Show Biosecurity Plan and all event organisers, competitors and spectators have a joint responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of a biosecurity plan.



  1. The information provided by exhibitors is used by QCAS and the society relevant to this schedule to organise, process and conduct competitions at the relevant agricultural show, sub chamber and state finals. By entering such competitions you consent to their personal information being used for this purpose including this information being made available to sponsors, breed associations, the media, the public, promotional purposes, archival purposes, published in publications and could be made available to other third parties for the purpose of promoting the Queensland agricultural show movement, or as otherwise required by law. 

  2. Exhibitors have a right of access to and alteration of personal information concerning them-selves in terms of the Privacy Act.  This may be done by contacting the QCAS Executive Officer or by writing to QCAS.



  1. All QCAS affiliated society’s showground’s are designated workplaces within the meaning of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and exhibitors / competitors are required to ensure that they and all persons under their direction or control, including their contractors or sub-contractors, comply with all requirements of the Act and QCAS holds each exhibitor responsible to discharge its obligations to provide and maintain a safe place and system of work during occupation by the exhibitor/competitor of any area of the affiliated Agricultural Society’s Showground’s.

  2. Each exhibitor/competitor will assess the risk to themselves, staff, volunteers, family, other exhibitors, agricultural society staff, show visitors, children and any person foreseeably affected by the presentation of their exhibit.

  3. Risks identified by exhibitors/competitors will be eliminated or controlled by the exhibitor/competitor and particular attention will be paid to ensuring public safety and safety of other exhibitors/competitors.

  4. Exhibits will only be held and handled by competent persons whose experience is known to the Exhibitor/Competitor.

  5. Exhibitors/competitors are advised that the use of primus stoves, any heating or lighting appliances of a like character, or any naked light, is strictly prohibited in pavilions or any other building or area defined by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

  6. Any exhibitors/competitors intending to bring electrical equipment to the Showground’s will be required to ensure that such equipment is fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers / residual current protection and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances have been inspected by a licensed electrical contractor and currently tagged.  This is essential for the safety of all exhibitors and the general public AND is a requirement of the current Electrical Safety Regulations.

  7. The use of double adaptors is prohibited and all power boards must also be tested and tagged.

  8. All exhibitors/competitors will comply with the requirements of the Act and its Regulations and Standards in every other respect. This is essential for the safety of all exhibitors / competitors and the general public. The Act imposes very severe penalties in the event of noncompliance with its provisions. Any exhibitors/competitors who do not comply will not be allowed to exhibit at QCAS affiliated Shows.

  9. A chief steward may ask that any animal (eg horse, beast, sheep, goat or dog) deemed unsafe and not under the secure control of the handler, be immediately removed from the area.



  1. The information contained in the Competitions Schedule/Catalogue is gathered for the purpose of providing information to Exhibitors and show patrons.

  2. The information is a compilation of information provided by third parties and QCAS and affiliated Agricultural Society’s does not warrant its accuracy and advises that any such information may be subject to change or amendment occurring at any time and thereby making the information incorrect. 

  3. Subject to QCAS legal obligations and responsibilities, if you require confirmation of any information please contact the QCAS Office.


  1. The Australian Taxation Office has deemed that GST is payable on prizes if an Exhibitor is registered for GST and enters an Exhibit as part of a business enterprise.

  2. The information an Exhibitor provides on the Application for Entry determines whether GST is applicable.

  3. Any prize stated in this Schedule does not include GST.

  4. GST will not apply:

    1. If an Exhibitor enters an Exhibit as a hobby or private recreational pursuit; or

    2. If an Exhibitor enters an Exhibit as part of a business enterprise, the Exhibitor has an ABN, but the Exhibitor is NOT REGISTERED for GST.

  5. If an Exhibitor enters an Exhibit as part of a business enterprise, the Exhibitor is not entitled to an ABN as the business or enterprise is not operating in Australia.

  6. GST will apply if an Exhibitor enters an Exhibit as part of a business enterprise, the Exhibitor has an ABN, and the Exhibitor is REGISTERED for GST.

  7. Where GST applies, the Society will pay the prize money quoted in this Schedule plus 10% GST. The Society will issue a recipient created tax invoice.



The Prize Ribbons / Rosettes / Sashes, affixed to Exhibits, shall be distinguished by the following colours, viz:-

  • Supreme Champion     Wide Sash any colour at Show’s discretion

  • Grand Champion         Red, White and Blue Sash or equivalent

  • Champion                  Purple Sash or equivalent

  • Reserve Champion      Dark Green Sash or equivalent

  • First                          Blue Ribbon or equivalent

  • Second                      Red Ribbon or equivalent

  • Third                         White Ribbon or equivalent

  • Fourth                       Yellow Ribbon or equivalent

  • Fifth                         Light Green Ribbon or equivalent

  • Sixth                         Brown Ribbon or equivalent

  • Seventh                    Buff Ribbon or equivalent

  • Eighth                       Pink Ribbon or equivalent

  • Ninth                        Orange Ribbon or equivalent

  • Tenth                        Grey Ribbon or equivalent

  • Special Prizes             Pale Blue Ribbon or equivalent


2 For Group Classes (e.g. Dairy Cattle):

  • First                          Pink and Blue

  • Second                      Pink and Red

  • Third                         Pink and White

  • Forth                         Pink and Yellow


3.  All cash prizes and trophies must be claimed within six months from the closing date of the show (or as otherwise advised in this schedule).  Prizes not claimed and prize cheques not presented by that date will be considered to have lapsed, and the amount will become a donation to the society.



  1. A protest against a Judge's Award must:-

    1. be in writing addressed to the Secretary, and signed by the person lodging the protest;

    2. be lodged by delivery to the Secretary's Office within twenty-four hours of the making of the Award;

    3. give the name and address of the person lodging the protest, and where two or more persons join in the protest, state which one of those persons is authorised to receive correspondence or notices on behalf of all;

    4. set out in reasonable detail particulars of the matter complained of including but not necessarily limited to the number of the Class and the Award protested against;

    5. be accompanied by a deposit of $50.

  2. The Secretary shall advise the President when a protest is received and the President shall appoint a Protest Board consisting of such members of the Board as she/he may determine to consider and determine the matter.

  3. The Protest Board shall proceed in all respects according to the justice of the case and may decide the issue according to equity and good conscience without being bound by legal technicalities or the laws of evidence.

  4. A protest shall not be upheld on the ground that the Judge made an honest but incorrect decision unless it is proved to the satisfaction of the Protest Board that the Judge had been willfully or accidentally misled by the act of some other person.

  5. If the Protest Board should be of the opinion that the protest was frivolous the deposit may be forfeited.

  6. The decision of the Protest Board shall be final and conclusive.

  7. For the purpose of this regulation an Award shall be deemed to be made when the results of the class in question are announced or otherwise made available to the public.



  1. The functions of the Disciplinary Committee shall be to hear and determine all complaints, allegations and other matters relating to:

    1. prohibited substances, as defined in these General Rules or Sectional Regulations.

    2. any alleged breach of the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Society by an exhibitor and relating to an exhibit or to a competition, except if the alleged breach is of a kind that the Chief Steward of a Section considers is of a less serious nature and should properly be dealt with by the Sectional Sub Committee, and

    3. any other alleged breach of the Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Society that may be referred to Disciplinary Committee.

  2. The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise of such members of the Societies Management Committee as are appointed by the Management Committee from time to time.

  3. The Management Committee shall appoint a member of the Disciplinary Committee as Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.

  4. For the purposes of any proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee, the Disciplinary Committee shall comprise, no less than three of its members and those persons shall constitute the Disciplinary Committee for the purpose of those proceedings.

  5. If a member of the Disciplinary Committee dies or becomes otherwise unable or unwilling to participate in proceedings, then:

    1. if this occurs prior to the commencement of any hearing in relation to the matter, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee shall appoint a replacement; and,

    2. if this occurs after the commencement of any hearing in relation to the matter, the remaining members of the Disciplinary Committee shall constitute the Committee for the purposes of concluding the proceedings.

  6. Proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee may be initiated:

    1. upon the request, orally or in writing, of the President.

    2. upon receipt by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of a written complaint relating to a matter referred to in these regulations.

    3. by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee on his or her own motion.

  7. The Disciplinary Committee may conduct proceedings at any time.

  8. All persons who constitute the Disciplinary Committee for the purposes of any proceedings must be present at any hearing conducted by the Disciplinary Committee.

  9. A person whose conduct is called into question in any proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee must be given notice of a hearing. It shall be sufficient for such notice to be given orally and by any such person acting with the apparent authority of the Society.

  10. The Disciplinary Committee may conduct proceedings notwithstanding that any person who has been given notice fails to attend the proceedings.

  11. The Disciplinary Committee shall not be bound by any rules of evidence and shall conduct the proceedings with the minimum of formality and in such a manner as it sees fit.

  12. The Disciplinary Committee may require any member or exhibitor to attend at any proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee and to furnish such information and evidence and to produce such documents relevant to the proceedings as to the Disciplinary Committee seems fit.

  13. The Disciplinary Committee may, at its discretion, call for and hear expert evidence.

  14. No person will be legally represented without the leave of the Disciplinary Committee.

  15. The Disciplinary Committee may announce its decision orally or in writing. A decision that is announced orally shall have effect in accordance with its terms.

  16. If the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee is not unanimous, the decision of the majority shall prevail. If the Disciplinary Committee are equally divided on any question concerning the guilt or innocence of a person, the question shall be resolved in that person’s favour.



  1. If the Disciplinary Committee considers that there has been a breach of the rules, By-laws or regulations of the Society, it may impose such a penalty as it considers to be appropriate, including without limitation:

    • a reprimand;

    • a monetary fine (payable at such time/s as the Disciplinary Committee may determine);

    • withdrawal or withholding of any award or ribbon;

    • disqualification in respect of any class;

    • expulsion from the Showground;

    • where the person concerned is a member, a suspension or termination of that membership;

    • a ban;

    • exclusion;

    • prohibiting a Person from exhibiting or competing at the current Show or at any future Show;

    • a direction that an Exhibit be removed from the Showground;

    • any other mandatory requirement; and

    • any other penalty provided for in other regulations of the Society.

  2. There shall be no appeal from any decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

  3. The Association may publish to:

    • the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies

    • the relevant Breed Societies;

    • the body with which the exhibit is registered, or is eligible for registration;

  4. all Agricultural Societies in Queensland;

the result of any proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee in which a person has been found guilty of a breach of any Rule, By-Law or Regulation.

  1. The Society shall have no liability to any person in respect of any publication referred to above

  2. No person shall have any claim against the Society or against any Committee member, member, employee, volunteer or agent of the Society in respect of any act, matter or thing done in good faith during or in connection with the proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee.

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