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The ringside meeting room was a new addition to Stanthorpe Showgrounds in 2016 which enabled the final move from the tiny office in the Cairnsmoor Building in Maryland St, Stanthorpe. Now it is used on almost a weekly basis for the general committee and the subcommittees to conduct meetings at the showgrounds. The facility doubles as the headquarters for the Stanthorpe Pony Club with whom the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society has an ongoing lease. The ringside meeting room is available to outside groups to host meetings, conferences or workshops and can be tailored or configured to suit your needs. Common questions about the Ringside meeting room are answered below. 

What are the dimensions and capacity of the ringside meeting room?

The ringside meeting room measures 12m x 6m (72 square metres) with:

  • a 3m x 3m (9 square metres) office sectioned off for Stanthorpe Pony Club, and

  • a 3m x 3m (9 square metres) office sectioned off for the kitchenette

  • Total available space = 54 square metres.

The verandah on the southern side measures an additional 12m x 4m = 48 square metres.

The non-COVID capacity of the ringside meeting room is:
  • approx. 26 people sitting
  • approx. 52 people standing.
The COVID capacity of the ringside meeting room is:
  • approx. 13 people sitting
  • approx. 26 people standing.

What are the features of the ringside meeting room?

The features of the ringside meeting room are as follows:

  • 12m x 6m demountable building

  • air conditioning

  • kitchenette with cupboards, sink, zip boiler and fridge

  • verandah on southern side overlooking main show ring

What can the ringside meeting room be used for?

The ringside meeting room can be used for the following:

  • meetings
  • conferences
  • workshops

What are the hire fees?

Please refer to the Stanthorpe Showgrounds facility hire fee schedule.

How do I apply to hire the ringside meeting room?

To book the ringside meeting room, please complete the event application form and submit to