Complete the electronic application form or pdf version below, when seeking to host an event at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds. 

Based on the information you have provided, our event assessment team will consider your application and notify you of the outcome.

If approved to proceed, they will provide you with a quote to host your event at the showgrounds and discuss other details.

Thank you for considering Stanthorpe Showgrounds for your event.


Online completion:


  1. Select the form on the left.

  2. Right click and select SAVE AS.

  3. SAVE the form somewhere on your computer. 

  4. Complete the fillable fields on the form. 

  5. SAVE the form again. 

  6. Attach to an email

  7. Email to events@stanagsociety.com.au.

Manual completion:


  1. Select the form on the left. 

  2. Right click and select PRINT.

  3. PRINT the form. 

  4. Complete the form by hand. 

  5. Scan the form and save. 

  6. Attach to an email.

  7. Email to events@stanagsociety.com.au.

Event application form - Aug 2017 - inte


Complete the electronic application form below when seeking to host an event at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds. When you select SEND the application form will be sent to our event coordination team at events@stanagsociety.com.au. 


Please don't use this form when booking caravan or camping events. Go to www.stanthorpeshowgrounds.com.au/caravan-and-camping-events

What is the name of your event?

What are the start and finish dates? *

What are the start and finish times?*

What is the name of your organisation?

Who is the main contact? *

What is their contact phone number? *

What is their email address? *

Do you know what building or area you would like to use?

Do you need catering?

Do you need a bar?

Do you need equipment?

Have you got people camping?

What is your insurance policy no. & expiry date

Have you got any other comments?

Thank you for your message. A member from our event coordination team will respond shortly.