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Caravan and camping events

Camping in all forms (including tents) is allowed at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds if it is part of an event e.g touring caravan/motor home clubs, concert, festival, rodeo. 

Camping fees are determined on a case by case basis.

Electronic form

When seeking to host a caravanning or camping event at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds, complete the electronic application form below by selecting the field and just start typing in the information required.


When you select SEND the application form will be sent to our event coordination team at 


Please don't use this form when booking non-caravan or camping events.


Go to

Thank you for your message. A member from our event coordination team will respond shortly.

Manual form

Event application form - Aug 2017 - inte

Online completion:


  1. Select the form above.

  2. Right click and select SAVE AS.

  3. SAVE the form somewhere on your computer. 

  4. Complete the fillable fields on the form. 

  5. SAVE the form again. 

  6. Attach to an email

  7. Email to

Manual completion:


  1. Select the form above. 

  2. Right click and select PRINT.

  3. PRINT the form. 

  4. Complete the form by hand. 

  5. Scan the form and save. 

  6. Attach to an email.

  7. Email to


Event administrator

Event assessment team

  • Michael Smail

  • Paula Boatfield

  • Loretta Williams

PLEASE NOTE: the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is a not-for-profit incorporated association, and the operation of Stanthorpe Showgrounds is not funded or subsidised by the Southern Downs Regional Council or any other Govt. department.

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