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Ringmaster's cafe dining room

 A new addition to the suite of meeting rooms at Stanthorpe Showgrounds includes the Ringmaster's Cafe Dining Room. This new facility creates a more intimate dining experience in a room dedicated to dining. But of course, this space can double as a meeting room when needed. 

The Ringmaster's Cafe dining room measures 24m x 12m (288 square metres).


The verandah on the northern side measures an additional 36m x 6m = an additional 216 square metres if required.


The capacity of the Ringmaster's Cafe dining room is:

  • approx. 64 people sitting

  • approx. 150 people standing.


The features of the Ringmaster's Cafe dining room are:

  • 24m x 12m space

  • air conditioning

  • tea/coffee station with urn, supplies and fridge

  • verandah on northern side overlooking main show ring


 The Ringmaster's Cafe dining room can be used for the following:

  • meetings

  • conferences

  • workshops

Fees to hire the Ringmaster's Cafe dining room are quoted on a case by case basis.

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