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About us

The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society (the Society) is a not for profit organisation established by an Act of the Qld Parliament in 1875 to raise the standards of agriculture in Qld, more specifically in the Granite Belt part of SE Qld.


Now in the 21st Century, the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society continues to support and promote Australian agricultural, horticultural and pastoral excellence and innovation through events, competition and education.


The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is primarily responsible for organising and staging Stanthorpe’s largest show event – the annual Stanthorpe Show. This Show brings together the Granite Belt’s best for a weekend of agricultural, horticultural and pastoral competitions, displays and demonstrations, exhibitions, entertainment, commercial exhibits, carnival rides and a variety of food stalls.


In addition to the show, the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society encourages ventures that can make use of the facilities on the showground site to their best advantage throughout the year. These ventures include using the grounds for markets, displays, expos, rallys, music festivals, private functions and camping accommodation.


Below is a diagram showing the structure of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society and the relationships between the different groups.


Our history


Our logo

Stanthorpe Showgrounds grandstand 1905 photo.jpg
Stanthorpe Showgrounds grandstand 1905 photo.jpg

View of new grounds, ring and Grand Parade - 1905.JPG
View of new grounds, ring and Grand Parade - 1905.JPG

1922 Show - Prosperity shown by modern cars parked everywhere..JPG
1922 Show - Prosperity shown by modern cars parked everywhere..JPG

Stanthorpe Showgrounds grandstand 1905 photo.jpg
Stanthorpe Showgrounds grandstand 1905 photo.jpg


During the year of 1875, amidst one of the worst droughts experienced, the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society was created in an effort to bring people together to generate a certain amount of enthusiasm amongst a then thriving mining community.


Since 1975, the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society has continued to hold its annual show on the fifth weekend of the calendar year without fail. This means the show can occur on either the last weekend in January or first weekend in February. As such, the Society has the enviable reputation of hosting the first Agricultural Show for the Queensland show year. An item of note is the fact that the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is one of the oldest agricultural societies in Qld and even pre-dates the Ekka by 4 months.


Now into its second century, the Society has seen a number of presidents, supported by secretaries and treasurers successfully manage the society's responsibilities and activities, in conjunction with a wealth of volunteers, stewards and sub-committee members. 


The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society's logo is loosely based on Queensland’s state badge, emblem and flag and represents the society’s history and values. 


It is made up of:

  • A shield depicting its link to Qld’s 1976 state badge (later incorporated into Qld’s coat of arms) and ribbon. 

  • It has a maltese cross in the centre depicting its link to Qld’s state emblem. 

  • In the centre of the cross is a royal crown, representing the fact that in 1876 Qld was a self-governing British colony. 

  • In each of the four arms of the cross is a symbol of Stanthorpe’s main industries being horticulture (top), sheep (left), cattle (right) and forestry (bottom). 

  • Under the forestry symbol is a pick and shovel reminding us of Stanthorpe’s mining heritage.


The early history of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society has been captured in the ‘Stanthorpe Agricultural Society, 1875 – 1975 Centenary Booklet’ compiled by Mrs Jean Harslett B.E.M., F.R. Hist. S.Q. The Centenary Booklet is available free of charge from the Show Office. 

Our centenary

Extracts from Stanthorpe Agricultural Society, 1875 - 1975 Centenary Booklet


In 1875,... The Courier Mail reported, " We perceive with pleasure the formation of the Stanthorpe Society bearing the name of the Border Agricultural , Horticultural and Mining Society.  We think the addition of 'Pastoral' might have been an improvement." The name, however persisted as it was until the annual meeting in December 1878 when Mr J.W. Pillar moved that the word 'Pastoral' be substituted for 'Horticultural', and it was carried unanimously.  For the next thirty-five years, until 1913, the official designation of the Society remained the same.  Then Mr. A.E. Bateman, who had been secretary for the Society for two years, suggested that a less unwieldy name should be chosen.  He aslo felt the present name gave no indication to other parts of the State, where the Society operated. A special meeting was called and it was unanimously decided to give th society the simple title of, "The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society", the name it still bears today...


... The first Show (held in 1876) was acclaimed a magnificent success. It was pleasing to hear from the lips of such an experienced and influential visitor as the Minister for Works, that the exhibition of vegetable productions was equal to anything he had seen in the colonies and Agriculturists from New England endorsed his remarks. The public so generously responded, that a building twice the dimensions could not have housed all the valuable exhibits. "Some had to be crowded beyond distinction and others were lost to observation under the tables.  No blame to be levelled at the Society, because they have to adopt every possible means of economy."...


... In 1901, the president, Mr W.H. McQuaker and the committee, realised the grounds in use were far to small...   ...the ultimate choice of the present grounds has proved one of foresight... The grandstand and pavilion was the first building erected at the new grounds...with the pavilion below and grandstand on top...

...  The first Show held in these grounds was in 1905...






The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is a not-for-profit incorporated association.

Our incorporated number is community purpose

(CP) 1819.


DGR status


The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is not eligible to receive gifts under the Australian Tax Office's Deductible Gift Recipient status program. 




The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society have the following policies in place:


  • Venue Hire policy

  • Event Management policy

  • Catering policy

  • Sponsorship policy

  • Advertising policy 

  • Biosecurity policy 

  • House policy for the sale of alcohol at show society events.




The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society’s ABN number is  72 480 299 449





The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is registered for GST.






The next AGM for the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is scheduled for June 2021. 

More information will be posted here then. 


Remember, you need to be a member of the Society to have voting rights. Membership forms are available here.


Further reading

Constitution and rules of the society


The Constitution for the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society was reviewed in 2015.


Planning Strategy

Click on the link to access the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society's Planning Strategy.

Economic and Social impact of Australian

Impact Study

Click on the link to access the Economic & Social Impact Study of Australian Agricultural Shows.



Come and meet the teams behind the scenes of your Agricultural Society

Our teams

Office bearers​ - 2020


AGM photo.jpg

Back row (L to R): Vice-president Graeme Reilly, President Brett Boatfield, Chair of committees Michael Smail, Treasurer Ken Wilcock, Patron Neville Bryant 


Front row (L to R): Vice-president Stephen Williams,Vice-president Dee Booth


Come and meet the wealth of volunteers who contribute to the Stanthorpe Show and other events.

Our committees


Come and meet the special people who have dedicated many years of volunteering to the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society. 

Our life members

Administration team

Secretary: Debbie Hurtz

Bookkeeper: Debbie Hurtz

Events team

Events assessment:

  • Michael Smail

  • Dee Booth

  • Graeme Reilly

Event administrator:

  • Paula Boatfield

        0428 195 202

Grounds team


Groundsman: Stephen Williams

Honorary positions


Hon. Solicitor: Steve Sullivan

Hon. Vet. Surgeon: Kirstin Widderick

Our committees


Our subcommittees are divided into THREE main groups: 

Management subcommittees


The management subcommittees responsible for the overall management of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society and the showgrounds as a whole. The undertake their activities all throughout the year


They include:


  • Management committee (Office bearers, Executive, General committee and Administration)

  • Building and Maintenance subcommittee

  • Catering subcommittee (incl. Ringmaster's Cafe) 

  • Events Assessment Panel

  • Event Management subcommittee

  • Heritage subcommittee

  • Publicity and Marketing subcommittee

Information on these committees can be found on this website.



Subcommittees are committees under the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society who have their own structure and have major events throughout the year. These events can either be part of the Stanthorpe Show, or a separate event altogether held at a different time during the year.

They include: 


  • Campdraft and Rodeo subcommittee

  • Prime Cattle subcommittee

  • Wine subcommittee

  • Cookery subcommittee

  • Fine Arts subcommittee

  • Poultry subcommittee

  • Chainsaw subcommittee

  • Dressage subcommittee

  • Miss Show Girl subcommittee

  • Sheep Dog Trials subcommittee

  • Show Ball subcommittee

  • Stud Cattle subcommittee

  • Sheep and Wool subcommittee

  • Ring subcommittee

Information on these committees can be found at www.stanthorpeshowgrounds.com.au

Show display sections


Show display sections do not have a formal structure, and they usually only run their events or displays in conjunction with the annual show.


They include: 


  • Animal nursery

  • Fibrecraft and handspun

  • Fruit and vegetable

  • Handcraft

  • Horticulture

  • Manual arts

  • Novelty dogs

  • Papercraft

  • Photography

  • Pottery and clay sculpture

  • School art

  • Stitchcraft

  • Woodchop

Information on these sections can be found at www.stanthorpeshowgrounds.com.au

Building and Maintenance subcommittee

The Building and Maintenance sub-committee is made up of volunteers who are responsible for ensuring building and maintenance issues that occur on the showgrounds site are dealt with in a timely and cost efficient manner. 


Building and maintenance issues are reported at each general meeting and assigned a priority status and a project manager to take action. 



Ken Wilcock - 0428 344 066

Michael Smail - 0428 833 371


On site caretaker

Craig Easterley - 0419 300 442

On site groundsman

Stephen Williams - -419 022 984

Event Management subcommittee

Event booking process


Events proposed by persons outside the Society go through a two-part process.  


1. Events Assessment Panel

Event proposals are first assessed by the Events Assessment Panel to see if they are suitable to be held at the showgrounds and compliant with our policies. The Events Assessment Panel comprise members of the Executive responsible for assessing event requests from groups outside the show society, against certain criteria. The panel reports to the general committee on a monthly basis.


If deemed appropriate, the organiser then liaises with a member from the Event Management subcommittee to assist with hosting the event. 

2. Event Management subcommittee

The Event Management sub-committee comprise volunteers responsible for seeking new events and hosting them at the showgrounds. Following the assessment process mentioned above, this group also has a role to play liaising with event managers. This sub-committee reports to the general committee on a monthly basis.

Events assessment panel contacts


Michael Smail

0428 833 271


Dee Booth

0438 260 843



Event management subcommittee contacts



Dee Booth



Paula Boatfield



Lesley Saunders


Loretta Williams

Steve Williams

Katy McKenzie

Justin McKenzie

Chris Robins

Ian Robins

Heritage subcommittee

The Stanthorpe Showgrounds Heritage sub-committee is made up of volunteers who are responsible for researching, documenting and displaying the unique history associated with the Stanthorpe show, Stanthorpe Agriculutural Society and Stanthorpe Showgrounds. 

In 2016 we celebrated the 140th anniversary of the formation of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society.



Paula Boatfield

0428 195 202


Dee Booth


Teena Wilcock

Management committee

The role of the management committee and its subgoups is to manage the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society and the Stanthorpe Showgrounds in a manner that meets the objectives of the constitution and in accordance with other forms of legislation that applies to these activities. 


The subgroups of the management committee are:


  • Office bearers

  • Appointed positions

  • Executive

  • General committee

  • Administration team

Meeting room.jpg

Office bearers


The elected office bearer positions  are elected at the annual AGM. 


The current positions are:


  • President 

  • 3 Vice presidents

  • Treasurer 

  • Chairman of committees

General committee


The General committee comprises persons interested in the management of the show society and the showgrounds. 


The general committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month.


Persons indicate their wish to be on the general committee at the AGM. 

Networking Event



The Executive comprises the office bearers, the Secretary and past presidents.


The Executive meet on an 'as needed' basis as directed by the general committee. 

Appointed positions

  • Patron - Neville Bryant

  • Hon. Solicitor - Steve Sullivan

  • Hon. veterinary surgeon - Kirstin Widderick


Administration team


The Administration team largely comprises the Secretary and the volunteers and colleagues who work with her throughout the year and at peak times of activity.


They are responsible for the administrative operation of the show society.


The members are: 


  • Secretary - Brooke Summerville

  • Saleyard activities - Jenny Crossman

  • Bookkeeper - Debbie Hurtz




Brett Boatfield

0428 833 113


Vice president

Dee Booth


Vice president

Stephen Williams



Ian Sapsford

Chairman of committees

Michael Smail

0428 833 371


Publicity and Marketing sub-committee

The Publicity and Marketing sub-committee is made up of the secretary and volunteers who are responsible for promoting the annual show, the show society and showground activities using various forms of media.

Stanthorpe showgrounds events.jpg



Brooke Summerville

Paula Boatfield

Mary Rofe


Life members


Keith Belford

Alan & Carol Batterham

Gillian Boucher

Dan Bougoure

Joe & Sue Boyce

Peter W Blundell

Peter & Tere Bonner

Neville & Joyce Bryant

Ted Carrol

Keith & Helen Cobon

Sam & Grace Costanzo

Shane & Dulcie Dullahide

M Elliot

Helen Ferrier

Beth Finlay

Alan & Nancy Gimm

Margaret Harvey

Delbar & Joyce Haynes

Graeme & Kathy Heath

Del Hohenhaus

Terry Hopgood

Preben Jacobsen

Doug Kent

William (Bill) Kerr

Anne Kerr

Margery Mann

Jim & Del Mitchell

Doug Mitchell

David & Marlene Muir

Lyn Mungall

Brian Murphy

Julie Murphy

Derek & Sandy Newton

George & Val Patterson

Sam & Connie Puglisi

Angelo & Mary Puglisi

Ray & Claire Schnitzerling

Michael & Gail Smail

J Z Smith

Harry & Joan Stevenson

Ian & Lee Townsend

Jim & Karen Tulloch

DW Walker

Ken & Teena Wilcock

Calvin & Elaine Winks




Find out about information about the Qld Country Life Miss Showgirl Awards competition and how you can enter to support your industry and your show society.  


Find our information about the Miss Showgirl Awards event at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds.

2019 Miss Showgirl event


Find our about the last Miss Showgirl Ball hosted in 2017 and view a gallery of images from that fantastic event

Miss Showgirl competition



For more information, please contact:



Mariel Thompson

For more information and history of the awards visit the

QCAS/Qld Shows website.


The Miss Showgirl awards seek a young Queensland lady who will represent Queensland shows for the next 12 months (in our case 24 months). Her role is to encourage and promote the Show Movement to the Queensland Youth. She is selected for her knowledge, her presentation and her passion for the show movement and her community. She is not "crowned" this is not a beauty contest nor is it a "brains" test - it is an Award presented to a young Queenslander who will raise the profile of Queensland Shows.


The Showgirl Quest is a long-standing competition that has been running in Stanthorpe for over 30 years. Young local ladies, aged between 18 and 28 years of age, are invited to join the quest where they will have the chance to meet new people, gain confidence and become more involved in the community as well as the chance to win some great prizes along the way.


The Showgirl subcommittee have also made some exciting changes to the Miss Showgirl program which will include a variety of fun events for the entrants, where they can boost their self-confidence and get to know more about the district that they know and love.


All of the hard work will culminate in a presentation event in early 2019 and up for grabs will be the coveted title of Miss Showgirl 2019.

This year, the Miss Showgirl committee is very excited to announce that the Director of Leading Ladies, Amelia Wilshire, is joining the program to guide the entrants in areas of personal development, image management and public speaking.


Amelia has been conducting her personal development programs for young women over the past four years throughout several schools and communities across New South Wales and Queensland. Her entertaining and interactive sessions will empower the girls by building self-confidence and teach them important life-long skills that they can use in their future social and professional lives.


For more information about the personal development programs to be presented by Amelia Wilshire visit www.leadingladies.com.au or download Leading Ladies information booklet.



Miss Showgirl awards.png

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter showcasing current activities for the Society and the showgrounds.  Click on the image below to download the newsletter. 

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