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The Handcraft section volunteers are responsible for coordinating the handcraft competition and arranging the handcraft display that takes place at the Stanthorpe Show each year. We are immensely proud of our local crafters and the wealth of talent and creativity.  Judging by the interest and great work from those of younger years, this local talent will continue well into the future. If you are new to town, then please come and join us.  We will welcome your craft and your interest. Any questions, just contact one of the stewards shown on Handcraft web page. 

Our show schedule covers a wide range of craft suitable for all ages from pre-school to those adults just a tad older!  Not just for girls and women, but classes are available to show the talent of boys and men

Seniors at a residence are catered for – show us the fine crafts you have learnt in your lifetime.  Need ideas or help? Try Pinterest, Google or You Tube for a world of ideas. We also have a set of specific classes for Lego using both Freeform and Kits.  The creativity of our young people is amazing!  We have now included an older age group class for those over 14 years – there is no limit as to how many years past 14 !​

In 2023, Macrame is not just about hanging pieces, but see how your creativity can stretch to produce a wearable item such as shawl or collar. 

Our classes that include Beadwork have stepped up too, requiring the person making the entry to have handmade the beads they use, It is not as difficult as it may seem and again Pinterest can help.   So many fascinating classes across fun crafts – think terrariums, feltwork, pebble art, lap weaving, bears, dolls and much more.

 Our Open Handcraft judges are extremely dedicated and really take into account the many facets of each piece of work. We also have specific judges with requisite knowledge for Lego and Youth. There are only two classes, Nos: 1 and 2, that are judged simply by Public Vote.   The schedule will surely surprise, intrigue and get your mind racing!        

We look forward to seeing you.



Classes include: 

  • Open classes

  • Novice classes

  • Junior and youth classes

  • LEGO classes



Select the button below for the schedule for the Handcraft competition at Stanthorpe Show. 



Kathy Heath 

07 4685 3146   -   0428 520 632


Kerry Johnson

Sandy Newton 0429 856 175

Coralie Lawder 07 4683 2032

 Sarah Schnitzerling 0428 758 145   

Annelle Batterham   -   Cathy Smith

Fiona Magnussen   -   Maree Gregg

Dee Booth


Select the button to download the results for the Handcraft section at the Stanthorpe Show.


Select this link to be taken to the Handcraft subcommittee's facebook page: 

Stanthorpe Show Handcraft Section



Thank you to all the sponsors of the Stanthorpe Show Handcraft section.

Anne Lindsay – Bev Batterham - Dee Booth – Sandy Newton - Cameron family - Kerry Johnson

Fiona Magnussen - Handcraft subcommittee

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