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Eremophila Pink Passion.jpg

Eremophila sp 'Pink Passion'

Darwinia citriodora.jpg

Darwinia citriodora

Acacia rubida.jpg

Acacia rubida  Red-stemmed wattle

2023 Spring plant drive


The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society is running a plant drive in Spring 2023 to raise more funds to go towards our shearer's stove restoration project.



To order plants follow these steps: 

  1. Select the catalogue button to download the catalogue. 

  2. You can either print the catalogue (2 pages) or save it to your device and complete online. 

  3. Go through the catalogue and choose your plants by hand writing or typing in the number of plants you want of each species in the right hand column.

  4. On the front page total the number of plants.

  5. Also total the final cost. Plants are $5.50 each. 

  6. Save the completed document, or scan the hard copy, or or take a photo with your phone or device.


Direct deposit your funds into the Society's bank account at: 

  • Bank: Bendigo Bank

  • BSB: 633 000

  • A/c: 171 243 504

  • A/c name: Stanthorpe Agricultural Society

  • Reference: <your surname> - plant drive


Finally, send an email or text to plant drive coordinator, Paula Boatfield, at or 0428 195 202 and attach:

  1. a copy of your completed catalogue (scanned or completed online) with your order, and

  2. a screen shot of your payment. 


  • 5 Aug 2023 - start advertising

  • 15 Sep 2023 - final date for orders

  • 22 Oct 2023 - plant pick up date from the tea pavilion at Stanthorpe Showgrounds


Paula Boatfield 0428 195 202

Shearer's stove.jpg

Shearer's stove in it's original position in the tea pavilion at Stanthorpe Showgrounds.

Under repair 1.jpg

Shearer's stove moved to repairer's premises undergoing restoration.

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