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Applications are made by completing the Stallholder application form provided to you and returning to the show space coordinators by the due date. 

Lodgement of the Stallholder application form to have a stall at the Stanthorpe Agricultural Show, infers acceptance of these terms and conditions


Stallholders will be checked against the banned stallholders list as issued by the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. Stall holders with outstanding monies will not be approved. A limited number of operators that offer the same goods/services will be approved. The approval process is conducted by the space stewards. 


After approval stallholders will be advised and issued an invoice. Payment must be received by the due date. Bookings are confirmed once payment is received. Sites may be reallocated if payment is not received by the due date. Do not send payment prior to approval – stallholders will be invoiced.



It is preferred that bump in occurs on the Thursday prior to the show. Stallholders will be required to report to the Administration Building on the Thursday prior to the show. Site location will be confirmed and passes issued. Please note the ‘show office’ is no longer situated near the cattle yards. The main office is located at the front of the grounds next to the exhibition centre.



Thursday - Stallholders may set up on the Thursday before the show. The exhibition centre will be open to set up from 9am until 7pm.

Friday - Stallholders will be required to show passes for gate access. The exhibition centre will be open from 7am. 

Saturday - Stallholders will be required to show passes for gate access. The exhibition centre will be open from 7am. 

Stallholders are responsible for their own marquee and stall lighting (if required). Outdoor marquees must be suitably stabilised. 


  • Friday - Stallholders must be ready to trade by 9am and trade until 5.00pm.

  • Saturday - Stallholders must be ready to trade by 9am. Sunday afternoon closing time is 4.00pm. Early pack up MUST be authorised by the space stewards and will only apply for special circumstances (such as live animal displays).

  • Sunday - There is no gate charge on Sunday after 2.00pm. There are a number of outdoor events around the grounds. Stall holders are welcome to trade all day Sunday.



Entry passes are provided upon check in on the Thursday prior to the show. Two passes are issued per site. The pass allows entry for Friday and Saturday. Passes are not required for entry on Sunday.


Stallholders MUST indicate preference for an inside or outside site. The location sites within these areas is at the discretion of the space stewards. While stallholders may request a particular site, the space stewards have the right to amend or alter the exact location of the site. 


All stallholders must ensure that stalls are of show standard with suitable stands and backing. This MUST be adhered to in the interests of all stallholders and exhibitors. Stallholders shall not assign or sublet any part of allocated space without the consent in writing of the Chief Space Steward. The site allocated MUST NOT be changed without the approval of the Chief Space Steward.


It is the stallholders responsibility to ensure goods and services offered are lawful and appropriate. The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society shall remove any inappropriate article, sign, image or printed matter, as per the Federal Council of Agricultural Society’s list of ‘banned items’.


Access to power for one lead is included with stallholder site fees. The vendor must ensure they bring an appropriate lead if needed. If more than one lead is required additional access charges apply. All electricity leads must be checked by a licensed electrical contractor and a tag attached to the power box end. The test and tag process is the stallholder's responsibility. Any leads without approved tags will be removed. Any exhibitors intending to bring electrical equipment will be required to ensure that such equipment is fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. If you have specific power requirements or questions include them in the online expression of interest form.


This is essential for the safety of yourself, your fellow exhibitors and the general public and is a requirement of Workplace Health and Safety Act 1989. The Act imposes very severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions. Any exhibitors who do not comply will not be allowed to exhibit at the Stanthorpe Showgrounds. Please check all your electrical equipment and leads before you come, to avoid any difficulties.



Stallholders must hold relevant insurance cover. The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for any loss of goods or damage. A legible copy of the stall holders public liability certificate of currency must be supplied on approval. Failure to supply this certificate will result in an inability to operate at the show. 



The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society has the right to refuse stall holders remaining on site for inappropriate behaviour. Matters will be escalated to on site security and the police where necessary. Incidents will be reported to the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc which may result in the stallholder being added to the banned stall holder list. Matters may be escalated to Qld Police if necessary.



All stallholders must abide by the relevant legislation relating to their product, service or activity.



Single use plastic bags are banned for use in Queensland and are not permitted to be used at the show.



Stallholders are encouraged to consider waste minimisation efforts and limit disposable items such as balloons and plastic straws. We encourage vendors to offer discounts for reusable food ware (e.g. coffee van provides discount for customer presenting reusable cup), and encourage use of alternatives to plastic such as compostable serving ware for food. Feel free to outline waste minimisation intentions in the online form.



We encourage stallholders to support local businesses and purchase supplies in Stanthorpe. Please note Friday is the official local public holiday.



Describe the group’s activities in the online form. Full charges may not apply. The space stewards may be in touch to discuss further.



Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case situation and will not be issued during the show. These will be at the discretion of the chief steward and processed after consideration. 



The Stanthorpe Show is run by the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society. The majority of people involved behind the scenes are local volunteers. Some personnel are not available at all times as they may have other jobs or commitments. We appreciate your understanding. The main office operates on a part time basis to seasonal demands.

Queries relating to space should be directed to

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